Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tossed food - Not doing as well as we thought.

I hadn't done an actual calculation of tossed food since we did one in September, but felt based on a visual assessment, we had improved quite a bit.

But tonight I started the second week of keeping track and I was surprised at the amount once again being thrown out.

Here's what tonight's refrigerator clean out came up with.

Cauliflower - the pre-cut, prewashed bag type that I paid extra for as I thought I'd be more apt to snack on it already prepped that way than reach for say, Nestle dark chocolate chilled Raisinets. Well nary a Raisinet has found its way to the compost pile, but the entire $2.39 bag of cruciferous veggies is a goner.

Watermelon- ate half, saved the rest - mistake. $1 tossed.

Zucchini - Free from my aunt Carol's garden. Sorry.

Pear - guessing this about .40

Pizza slice - RARELY tossed in this pizza crazy household. Just got lost in the back of the fridge. Pizza is about $9 for a medium size. This is maybe 1/10 of the pizza? so I'm going to put it at .90.

So the first total came in at $4.69.

Then I used the leftover sad looking salvageable vegetables to make a crock pot soup tonight, and came across a bag of carrots dated back in August. Add $2.00 to the total.

Sunday - Day one $6.69 into the trash.

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