Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nightly Roundup - Day 357

Marriage - check
Kids - Carved the tiny pumpkin we got from my aunt Carol. We still plan to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow for a big one for the front stoop. LOTS of story time
Book - Blog entries
Business - 20 minutes on edutainment article and studying a business plan for a completely different product (portable generator) but getting a better sense of the big picture of these plans.
Garden - Thoroughly watered all new plants.
FI - One chapter in great new book called, "How I lived a year on just a pound a day" written by Kath Kelly and recommended to me by an English woman. Fascinating so far!
Spirit- Nice long chat with my friend Paul, who is married to one of my best friends. He's the greatest guy! When I had my reading academy/study skill business, I was in the local papers and he took copies and had them framed for me. When I needed a new mini-van, but dreaded negotiating for it (Greg was swamped at work), Paul called a bunch of local dealers and had them fax quotes so I could go into the dealer I planned to buy from well armed. I wish a good friend like that on everyone!
Health/beauty - Long walk with neighbor and dogs.


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