Friday, October 2, 2009

No more dithering - 365 days full steam ahead - starting next Monday. Join me????

August 18, 2009, I wrote a post about this issue of going for the gusto or staying with a simpler life. I've been turning the thought over and over in my mind and it's now October. I'm tired of dithering and have resolved to go for it, full steam ahead, on those projects and ideas spinning about my head.

I'm going to take a few hours this weekend and type up a list of ten or so goals (some I've already started such as this blog), and then try to make progress, even if it's ten minutes, on each of those, each day. And I'm so excited to see where I will be October 5, 2010.

If a year from now, I find this new pace isn't for me, I'll just scale back and retool. But how fun to go for it, give it my all, for the next 12 months and just see what life hands back.

I would LOVE for any of you to join me. You can either post here or just start a blog of your own. There are so many great blog sites that are incredibly easy to use. If it's the right time in your life for it, tackle those dreams you've been keeping on the back burner and just commit to spend a wee bit of time each day on them, just until October 5, 2010. Not worrying about the end product, just enjoying the moments of creation. Maybe in the end it's not just what we produce, but what we become in the process.

In The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz writes, "Excellent ideas are not enough. An only fair idea acted upon, and developed, is 100 percent better than a terrific idea that dies because it isn't followed up."

Maybe it's a book, a business, a dollar amount you want invested in a Vanguard mutual fund (and you think you might even be willing to work a second job to get there as long as it's only for one year), making two new friends, writing and singing a song for youtube (even if only your friends and family ever view it), learning to bake exotic desserts, speaking French or Spanish, getting to a goal weight(remember it took Edison over 700 tries to get the light bulb right, so if you're starting your fiftieth attempt to exercise, you're still going in the right direction and you WILL eventually make it), traveling to Italy (and being willing to go one year without buying new clothes to fund it), running a 5k, volunteering at a literacy center or women's shelter, running for a public office, training your dog to fetch, creating closer ties in your family or community, planting a garden or ??????????

So.......Judy, Canadian Artist, Dottie, Nay, Sib, Jill, Karen, Frances, Jess, My own dear wonderful Greg, eggbounder, Hayden, Stephanie, Daryl, barteringblog, Anonymous (each of you), Antoinette in Okinawa and Vixen from Britain, what do you think; is it a the right time for you?? Ready for one whirl-wind year??

If so, make your list, get a big piece of poster for your dream board, and meet back on Monday!

Best wishes!!!! Eileen


  1. Eileen, I started a project board last week.... What an interesting coincidence. Since halloween is approaching, I have pictures of disney princesses I am modeling costumes from, the some greeting cards to remind me to make an address and gift list for Christmas, and also to remind me that I will send packages out twice a month, instead of once in a blue moon....Also, my flylady binder is still half finished.
    I am also brimming with business ideas and have recruited a new friend to help me.
    Thanks for keeping us accountable,


  2. Antoinette, Stars must be aligned;-). Hoping great success for us both (defined individually) and lots of fun in the process - on both sides of the Pacific. Have a great night (or is it day now in Japan?) Eileen

  3. Eileen and Antoinette,
    Count me in :)

  4. Hubby and I just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. I won't have any problem
    remembering the date and to see how much I have progressed at this time next year.

  5. Many congratulations! And just think what your 30th will be like! Eileen