Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 339 - Nightly Roundup

Another milestone to be in the 330s!
1. Happy Marriage - check.
2. Enjoy and nurture kids - Kids still not feeling up to par but getting a lot better. We went on a short walk, played trains, napped, and Kirk helped me come up with names for the company.

3. Build a successful company of dual use educational products. - Emailed friends with a plea for more company name suggestions.

4. Write and publish the Frugal Millionairess in 2010. - About 10 minutes reading The New Writer's Handbook.

5. Create a beautiful, groomed bird sanctuary in the back yard by completing all four sides and the center. Brought in a big pot of begonias. Garden is not getting a lot of time these days.

6. Achieve FI by 2010. Had a no spend day.

7. Spirit/catchall. To experience and give joy and be in the moment and laugh 20 times a day. Will read the funny book on historical comebacks tonight.

8. Be and feel healthy and beautiful. 20 minutes yoga.

9. Create a beautiful and organized home that adds enjoyment to our lives. Put out some fun, old photos of Greg as a kid.

10. Increase my business acumen by increasing my business vocabulary. Earned rate, eighty-twenty rule, end-user, nonperforming asset.

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