Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Writing Course - Terrific!

The one week summer writing course here at the University was just wonderful! I really felt the time and money were well spent. There were six writers and one instructor and we focused a lot on revisions - what was good and what needed to be polished. It was nice to meet the other writers, all of whom have the same hopes and dreams of getting published and our instructor was terrific. Lunches were done with a notebook and scads of notes from the morning session. The last day I treated myself to some annuals for the deck. The book is coming along, but sometimes the whole process seems painfully slow. Wishing you all the best on your journeys.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A good start to summer....

Summer is off to a good start. I've got my one week writing intensive next week and the instructor insists all five of us in the class need to shoot for sales as soon as it's done. I've been extra conscious of dribs and drabs going out and have a daily chart showing what we spent that day on a big pink sheet for the refrigerator. This is just a nice little extra boost to remember how things add up. My goal for summer is to live like we're in a cabin on a lake - i.e. less stuff to care for, more outdoor activities and simple meals, etc. To this end, I've continued cleaning out clutter even beyond the garage sale and it always feels good to see less stuff as I look around the house. My biggest weakness is books and educational games, but I'm trying to tell myself I don't need to hold on to them. We can use and enjoy them and then let them go (they are all purchased at garage or thrift stores). So the goal is the final revisions for the book and just enjoying my wonderful kids for a long, happy summer, living as simply and frugally as possible...;-)