Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nightly Roundup - Day 353

It's a busy weekend with lots of house guests so I'll keep this short. Thanks again Daryl for the tip on the SAT shower curtain. I tracked it down to a company called Intuitive Learning Company and for just a minute, had my stomach drop at the thought another company had already scooped me on my idea;-). But they are as of now just doing shower curtains - super creative idea and it could fit into my new portal idea quite well.

Marriage - Check!
Kids - Lots of great time with uncles, grandma, great uncle, etc.
Business - More brainstorming and thinking to move beyond just my own dual use educational products and create a portal of sorts for other products that do this. For example, the Company Store may create one quilt a year with numbers or Pottery Barn might create a series of kids plates with the alphabet or the Intuitive Learning Company might be making shower curtains with SAT words or Math concepts. For people looking for lots of dual use items like these, I could create a one stop portal that would list these items as well as the ones I will create myself. Again need to look to revise the executive summary to include this concept.
Book - Did spend five minutes writing about what the book hoped to create. I'm finding that even five minutes does add up and I'm trying to do at least a tiny bit each day for the sake of momentum.
Garden - My neighbor's son-in-law is an electrician who hasn't been able to find much work lately and my neighbor asked if we had any projects that needed done. We did. A long underground cable to the street snapped when I was digging my first garden about nine years ago and we never fixed it. So he ran a new line, complete with an outlet, and now I'll be able to have Christmas lights in the front yard - which should look pretty from the house and the kids should enjoy.
FI - One of our overnight guests saw a mouse in the kitchen early this morning - how nice! Greg is slightly phobic of mice and instantly wanted to call Orkin. But we'd done that maybe seven years ago and had to sign a one year contract that I think added up to $800. And all they really did was set little mouse bate stations. So I went to Home Depot and got a few along with an electronic thing that plugs in the wall and is supposed to deter them through sound waves (what my PETA leanings would prefer). All this was about $45, so far less than Orkin should it work.
Spirit- Just enjoyed the visiting.
Health/Beauty - 30 minutes cardio.
Goodnight - Off to work on my business vocabulary. Decided to do this on a separate blog just for that so this doesn't get so cluttered. But I hope if you're doing the business vocabulary or other, you're finding it mind expanding. I am!
P.S. Pictures of Greg's mom and brother getting ready for a pj party. Can you believe how young my mother in law looks and SUPER kind! I was so lucky to not only be born into a great family, but marry into yet another. I think I may have saved a civilization in some past life to get so lucky in this one;-)! And Uncle Matt in his new Air Force Uniform. Kirk was beyond thrilled to dress up in his Halloween costume next to the real deal!

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