Friday, October 16, 2009

Nightly Roundup - Day 354

Marriage - check.

Kids - Awesome grandma and two uncles and one great uncle with a friend arriving tonight - party on! Kids will have a ball.

Book - Blog will have to do it.

Business - I think my 30 creative ideas a day is paying off. Last night I had a brainstorm about midnight, to extend this idea of "passive education" (my term) meaning if you have to have a nightlight, it might as well also teach you the continents or the states. Then I thought if a child is going to lay her head on a pillow at night and stare at her blanket, why couldn't the blanket have the planets or the alphabet. And if she must eat a bowl of cereal each morning anyway, why couldn't the bowl have the basic story of the Revolutionary War and why couldn't her bath towel have the periodic chart of the elements? You get the idea. If every item a child interacts with does DOUBLE duty, surely that can only be a good thing. And when I woke Greg up at 1:00 a.m. to write down this idea, he said, "You may have a winner there!" So, quite enthused, I'm going to start revising my executive summary.

Garden - Brought in some geraniums that had rested in the halfway house of the garage.

FI - Updated some accounts. We have to move out of Microsoft money as it's ending this service, which we loved, to a new program and the transfer isn't going well, but the company is coming out with a new product to make it easier and receipts have been piling up as we've waited.

Spirit/catchall- Just being in the moment and enjoying our company, which includes meeting Greg's uncle, cousin and second cousin for dinner and having five additional guests overnight. The neighbors will think we've suddenly become highly social with all those cars in the drive!

Health/beauty - A wee bit (3 minutes?) of core to help offset a large gin and tonic - a rarity for this lightweight;-).


  1. Your business idea sounds great. I recently saw a shower curtain with SAT words, which I posted on my blog. People loved it. That sort of thing sells well, because they are such conversation starters. I'd love to hear more about your journey to FI. Whatever you're willing to share.

  2. Daryl,

    Thanks so much for your posting! I was excited to see it as I'm further thinking through my business not just in things I could develop, but becoming a portal (term?) for other educational product. For example, I know the Company Store did some alphabet blankets, but mostly they do designs. I could be the portal for the one or two random educational products that companies like that put out. I'd LOVE to see the SAT curtain, but when I clicked on your name, it said restricted access. Would you mind posting it as a comment here so I could have access? Thanks so much! And is your year of goals going well?? Eileen

  3. Daryl, I did get to your blog, it was clicking on your name that was going to bring me to a profile that was blocked. But how very cool your site is! I loved the idea of all the little pumpkins in the big glass vase - I'm going to do that! And lots of the other ideas you posted are really neat. Is the yellow house to the side of the first page yours? And is your blog your way to create your ideal home? But I still couldn't get to the curtain - I tried accessories and also bathroom to no avail. I'd like to divide out my blog with subheadings like that - how did you do that? Thanks! Eileen