Monday, October 12, 2009

Nightly Roundup - Day 358

Good day. We've hit a milestone now to be in the 350's. Hope you're all seeing your baby steps giving you some momentum toward your goals.

Marriage - Check;-).

Kids - I played lots of flag football, not really my sport, but was a good sport;-).

Book - Spent another 20 minutes looking at the next set of questions and did a bit more brainstorming. This is the sample book proposal from "From Book Idea to Bestseller."
>The Book page 1
The Market page 8
The Author page 10
Book Contents page 12
Brief Chapter Summaries page 13
Sample Chapter page 35

The three questions to again focus my/your pitch are:

1. Who will buy it?
2. What other books has the audience bought in the past? My list would include The Tightwad Gazette, The Millionaire Next Door, Your Money or Your Life, Die Broke, and the Wealthy Barber for starters. Maybe some Elaine St. James?
3. Why will the audience buy your book instead of the competitors' books? A good question indeed;-).

Business. Set the timer for 20 minutes. Contacted the New York Company that had made the sample frog light. I was told they discontinued that line because the bulbs were not replaceable. I just figured that was a fluke, but then saw a few other random motion lights on ebay, also called moving picture lamps,and contacted the sellers, but in both cases, the seller didn't know if the bulbs could be changed in those either. That would seem and easy problem to fix.

Garden - Got in three more shrubs and put down several bags of leaves dropped off by a neighbor over the weekend as mulch.

FI - Will just have to count about 10 pages in the book, Think and Grow Rich.

Health/Beauty- Took a few old magazines and in about 10 minutes, culled out three good skin/makeup tips and will post them tomorrow.

Spirit/Catchall - Will be heading over to a friend's apartment tonight to give some moral support and share a cup of tea.

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