Monday, October 19, 2009

Nightly Roundup Day 351

1.Marriage Check.

2. Kids Had a nice half hour at a new park.

3. Business - I spent ten minutes doing something called "image streaming" which was suggested in the audio book The Einstein Factor. The idea is that your subconscious can more easily "talk" to you in images (think a picture is worth a thousand words). This was used a lot by Einstein himself. The author suggested you get in the habit of sitting quietly for a few minutes and verbalizing what you see. He insists you must do this aloud to another person or a tape recorder. As I have no friends or family that are just waiting around for me to chat about random pictures in my head, I've opted for the tape recorder. And I continue to hope the meter reader won't be coming by as I sit with my tape player rambling about the scenes being invented in my head....

4. Book- Looked into agents and publishers. See today's blog.;-)

5. Garden - GREAT day at the town compost pile. In addition to dirt for next year's flower pots, and two HUGE hostas, I discovered over 60 iris. Can't wait to see them bloom next year!

6. Spirit/Catchall Looking forward to reading something lighthearted at bedtime.

7. Health/beauty Went on-line at Coach and used my refund. I ordered Patent Brooke 358 in ivory/silver. This may not be the BEST color for running about with a toddler and kindergartner, but I liked the lines and wanted to get the job done. In the end I owed $10.05 over the credit costs and it will be shipped this week. I gave myself 10minutes to go to the site and make my decision as I keep reading over and over in various self-help books that most successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly, if at all. And people who are slow to make a decision and then change it often, have a much harder time accomplishing their goals. So this is the year of the no-dither woman! ;-).

8. FI Posted some unused items on Amazon.

9. Business Vocabulary Decided to look into marketing terms. There's a site on with marketing terms and definitions. Learned to distinguish advertising allowance, advertising budget, advertising plan, advertising elasticity.

10. Organized, beautiful house - Tossed another 10 things from the closet. Six books and magazines into the garage sale pile and even more than the balance of four magazines that I'd cut out ideas from into the trash.

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