Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nightly Roundup - Day 355 - 10 days into the program!

We have five very welcome guests arriving tomorrow for the big game weekend and I'm scrambling to find beds for everyone. My good friend and neighbor Cathy just dropped off some air mattresses so I hope to get that job done tonight. And the crazy pile of laundry is about five days worth that I kept dumping on the family room floor from the dryer each day thinking "I'll get to it later" lady would not be pleased:-). That is another of tonight's projects so I'll keep this short. Have a lovely night!

Marriage - Check

Kids - We got out the blocks and played "Monster Trucks" for quite some time. Kirk's dream is to go to one of these events. Can you guess his mom is so not drawn to the Monster Truck Big Jam? But who knows, maybe after seeing it in person, I'll be rooting on Batman or Turtle or Jammer much as Greg does his Iowa Hawkeyes?

Book - I've been getting a daily free "writing lesson" of sorts for the past two days from the following internet site And I've liked the positive tone. The Bestseller book sometimes gets me a bit stressed as it starts to sound impossible, though I think it is a very helpful and practical book. The author of the website looks at things a bit differently. In Ten Lessons to Conquer Procrastination Part II, Earma Brown states:
Weapon #6 Realize your message is significant and deserves
your tender loving care.

Consider what your readers need and want. If your book shares
something unique, encouraging, useful, entertaining, it is
important enough to be written. Think about your gift? God gave
you your gift to share with others. Our gift back to God is what
we do with it. The loving care you put into your gift (book) the
more rewards await you.

Business - Spent seven minutes on my resume, which is required for the business mentor program. That's as much as I wanted to do in a stretch. Does ANYONE like working on those things?? And I was surprised at how much that got done. Then the balance of 13 minutes was spent on an executive summary, which also has to be attached to the mentor application. I studied the ones from the All Things Life Sciences handout that we'd been given that sparked this whole desire to just DO IT and start a company as Nike would say;-). When I get it completed, hopefully within a few more days, I will post it.

Garden- Put down oodles of old Wall Street Journals and the carpet I snagged from my neighbor. They will sit there this winter and that last stretch of garden can then be filled in this spring, hopefully with winter sown plants.

Health-Beauty- I actually got a compliment from a friend - "Your skin is GLOWING!" which I never hear. I told her I'd but oiled my face the night before and that morning with enough to fry an egg (I no longer think that little bottle is going to last till spring), then put on foundation, then a wee bit of blush and bronzer, then added a thin layer of moisturizer. She, who wears no makeup, looked a bit dumbfounded, but reiterated that she thought my skin looked great. So two thumbs up for the MORE magazine tips. And I managed to remove the last of the sad, chipped, too orangish red nail polish that has been on my toes since August......

Spirit/catchall - Have been keeping up with writing down 30 ideas each day. I'm really enjoying this. Will see if day five I find my creativity flourishing.

FI - Did come SO close to a no spend day, but did get one 20 ounce Dr. Pepper in a weak moment. But not bad overall.

Off to pump air mattresses and fold laundry....

Hope your first ten days have seen steps taken to your own dreams. Looking forward to the next 355. Eileen

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