Friday, October 30, 2009

Finding Inspiration All About.

Tonight I was at a loss for something to write about. I was feeling just a tad melancholy for no reason. In fact, all is well in the world. The envelope quietly arrived in my mailbox saying I'm good to go in the mammogram arena and my mom had similar good news from hers, just this past week.

Considering I posted last night that half the world's population is getting by on $2.50 a day, I figured I could come up with something to be grateful for! And ten seconds later I had a quick flashback and yet another reason to appreciate this wonderful year.

Maybe six months ago or so, I was in our basement treadmilling through twenty minutes and skimming channels to make the sluggish time go faster. I came across a show called something like Fashions, Designers and Runways. Various designers were being interviewed. The first, whose name escapes me, was perched in her office surrounded by bulletin boards jumbled with swatches of flowered and striped materials, ribbons, and photos.

She talked about how nothing brought her more joy in life than to wake up with an idea and then eventually, see that idea through to something you could touch, a perfect linen dress or a swishing silk skirt.

Another designer spoke of how he was always finding inspiration throughout the moments of his day. It might how the color of a desert rock changed when it became damp after a rainstorm or a woman walking down the street in N.Y. with her own special flair. It was all food nourishing his imagination.

For once, not checking how many minutes were left on my elliptical, I thought, "I WANT THAT!!!" I want to be inspired by everything I see. I want all those tiny details of life to have a purpose or serve a use. I want to be excited to wake up and be full of ideas that I will see to fruition.....I need to become a clothing designer!!!

As I don't have an eye for color or style and can sew a button on a good day, this was a bit of a long shot. But I did go upstairs and google fashion designer classes. Needless to say, I'm not on Project Runway, but I think I DID accomplish my goal.

My blog, my book project, my business, my goals for myself as a mom and wife, my garden, house, FI and spiritual goals mean I do in fact now always find myself scanning the horizons for something inspiring. I wake up with ideas that I try to slip onto paper in the spare minutes through out the day and LOVE to see something become tangible, whether it is a blog in print or the last of the new auction shrubs planted along the south border.

So if you too couldn't sew a straight seam, but are drawn to the idea of a life full of fleeting, creative thought bubbles about your head that you then solidify in some way, I wish you well. Get out your dreams and goals list or make one if you haven't yet. And I'll be racing you to the best priced giant bulletin board at Goodwill;-).

Toasting you with my mild, slightly flowery tasting chamomile tea in a charming sea green mug....maybe that color could be the border of my new book?? Best wishes! Eileen


  1. For me inspiration is the easy part and focus is the hard part...

    I keep dishes of sea glass by the kitchen sick to keep me from feeling too claustrophobic while cooking.

    I have to write things on the back of my hand, lest I forget, because I tend to lose the notes I write myself...

  2. Antoinette, I understand the focus issue! And with your three kids, that would make a lot of sense;-). Hope you're feeling back to par, at least a bit. Eileen