Sunday, September 19, 2010

Checking back in;-).

Pics of Kirk in front of a wonderful old church we went to, built in 1882, and he and Kai walking my mom's dog, and the wonderful Weber House and garden I toured, including a child's playhouse that had been built in 1941.

Just drove in from a weekend with the kids at my parents. We had a lovely time. I got to visit an AMAZING garden called the Weber House. The man who has created this acre and a half paradise has done so on a shoestring over the past 30 years and created a true masterpiece. It was transporting almost, to be there. Came home with many new ideas and dreams.

Greg and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary earlier this month and I still think he's the greatest guy I've ever met (with stiff competition from my dad and brother;-).

The kids are doing great - Kirk is enjoying first grade and all the little bits of reading and math through the summer really paid off.

The book is going through its edit, and the second is about halfway done. I will submit it for a line edit by mid-October at the latest. Then go about trying to find an agent and publisher - how fun!

My pact not to buy anything other than groceries/necessities, has gone well, broken four times so far, all for garden items (all small amounts). I can't believe how much more time I have now that I don't stop by my favorite thrift stores and zoom on by garage sale signs. That is not to say I don't miss the thrill of the hunt, but have appreciated the extra time to work on the book and other projects. And visiting my mom and seeing 40 years accumulation of thrift store buying (she admits to be a borderline hoarder), is sobering;-). It really does zap a lot of her energy to just have SO much stuff. I convinced her to get rid of a few boxes of Christmas decorations and we boxed up a few other things, so it was a tiny drop of progress. It's hard to see how "stuff" can bring so much fun in one way (shopping is her only real hobby), yet add so much unhappiness with the overwhelming task of trying to keep it all organized.

I'm reading a really interesting book called "The Story of Stuff" and it is a sobering look also at the environmental costs off all this stuff. The author, Annie Leonard, notes study after study shows "materialism" which also includes a desire to have people like how you look, to impress others socially, etc. invariably do not lead to happiness, but family, friends, spirituality, and a sense of contributing to community or the world, are the keys - good reminders.

I still need to unpack all the stuff mom sent home. My dad was thrilled to see any of it moved out;-). Good wishes. Happy trails on each of your paths to happiness.