Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our $2.57 lunch - pros and cons.

Still working on that list of 15 $2.00 meals. Today's lunch was scrambled eggs and toast. Here's the breakdown.

Organic eggs $3.49 per dozen - scrambled 6 so 1.74 in eggs.
Added 1/3 cup of organic milk. Milk costs .37 per cup, so .12 for a 1/3 cup
Whole wheat toast - .125 per slice so .50 in toast
Jelly - Fruit only - $3.49 for the jar, we used a tablespoon -Greg passed on jelly so .21 there.

Lunch costs $2.57.

Pros - fairly healthy, getting close to the $2.00 range.

Cons - I just saw Greg making himself a mammoth bowl of cottage cheese and pineapple chunks - may need to up the portion sizes for the big guy;-).

Anyone out there with great, easy, healthy, kid friendly two dollar range vegetarian meals???

Off to a two hour birthday party Kirk was invited to at an outdoor park on this chilly, overcast, wet Saturday.....can you guess I lost a coin toss to Greg?;-)


  1. While I don't do such a detailed break down of the cost we have a couple of what I think of as "empty your pockets" meals. These meals might require a trip to the store, but they are sit down meals, not sandwiches or left overs, or "breakfast for dinner" [french toast! mm...] Meat loaf, tacos and, believe it or not homemade chicken pot pie, which averages out to about the $2 per person (there are five of us). Tacos consist of less than a pound of ground beef, some pinto beans (canned is fine, but more expensive), half an onion, three serrano peppers 1/4 pound of cheddar cheese (or whatever you like) 1/3 package of corn tortillas, and if extravagant that day, an avacado and some tomatoes. Meat loaf can be pretty loosely thrown together, and some veggies and potatoes on the side with a roll make it a meal. If my husband could have his way we'd have tacos five nights a week in, rather than ever go out. I am not as crazy about them, but I think that if you figure out what they really like it pays to make a $2 meal starting with that as your template.

    Vegetarians? How about grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup? Seen that cambell's commercial where they all add their own toppings?

  2. Antoinette, Thanks for the ideas. I was in the grocery store yesterday and leafing through a cooking magazine (cooking is just not my thing but I love the pictures in the magazines) and they showed these amazing grilled cheese sandwiches which had grilled tomatoes and peppers along with the cheese. Yum! I haven't seen the soup commercial, but I'll keep my eyes out as it sounds intriguing. We probably should be eating more soup, will look into adding that to the group. Thanks. Eileen

  3. My kids loved a breakfast of mixed frozen corn & peas w/a T. of butter. Call them crazy, but they LIKED it. And, it was cheap.