Sunday, October 11, 2009

Days 360 & 359

It's now 10:10 p.m. and I am just getting back from a rather long drive so I'll keep this short and double up the weekend days as there was a lot of overlap and I didn't get done as much as I'd hoped.

Marriage - check! Greg got entire weekend to watch football with his brothers without the gang here - and of course, Iowa's victory was icing on the cake;-).

Kids - Lots of awesome time with Grandma and Grandpa!

Book- Brainstormed about 10 minutes to answer the list of questions about why my book will be different from others, how it will help people, what my goals are.

Business - Showed my folks my whole night light idea and gave them the full on pitch - to a rather lukewarm reception - but no discouragement here - remember what they say about prophets in their hometowns;-).

Garden - Got seven shrubs in the ground Saturday morning before we left, just as the first snowflakes began to fall.

Spirit/catchall - Lots of good time with my parents.

Health/beauty - Walked about four miles with Mom's new rescue Cocker Spaniel.

F.I. - Drove around for about an hour with my dad looking at some of his rental properties and just hearing his thoughts on finance. His investments are completely different than Greg's and mine (he's heavily into commercial real estate, but has the construction background, equipment, and contacts to do everything himself) while his daughter and son-in-law prefer to send our investment money to Vanguard. But you can't be around someone like him and not pick up some good finance thoughts.

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