Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 345 - Nightly Roundup

1. Happy and passionate marriage to Greg. Check

2. Enjoy and nurture kids. We did a few extra stories to make up for the fact the kids took backseat to the yard today;-).

3. Publish a book. Did a fun, ten minute exercise from The New Writer's Handbook, which I picked up from the library Friday. It required taking 10 random words from the dictionary, then writing a two paragraph story in five to ten minutes to work on creativity.

4. Found and build a successful company of dual use, educational products- Completed the SBA computer tutorial. Was delighted to see they also have a business plan template, but it is in PDF format and I always have problems with those on this computer.

5. Complete the four sides and the center of the big back garden into a lovely, groomed, bird sanctuary - Got everything in the ground that I'd gotten at the auction. Did lots of fall clean up. Spent LOTS of time out there today and I can see oodles of progress.

6. Be and feel healthy and beautiful - Ten minutes kick boxing - definitely makes you feel tough!

7. Work on my spiritual life, friendships, extended family, the environment, etc. A sort of catchall to be and have an even happier, more fulfilling life. Spent some time chatting with the neighbors. Started reading the book "Never Eat Alone".

8. Financial Independence as early as next year, 2010 - rather a stretch, but you know what they say about aiming high.;-). Put a garden arch on Craigslist. Hoping between this and the snowsuit to clear my daily $2.74 for the week for the Vanguard Star account.

9. Lovely, organized home that "rises up to meet me" in Oprah's words. Worked five minutes on my second closet. It never ceases to amaze me lately how much five minutes can do. So often I've left projects undone because I didn't have the time to finish them. I can see more and more that even a tiny bit of progress quickly adds up. It's not unlike the saving pennies idea.

10. A strong, solid knowledge of business by increasing my business vocabulary -
Comparative advertising, competition-oriented pricing, cooperative advertising, copyright.

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