Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 338 - Nightly Roundup

Dwell in Possibility. Emily Dickinson

1. Happy marriage to Greg - Check. The man is walking on air due to Iowa's current 9-0 record. While I can't take credit for this, I will take full advantage of the general happiness aura;-).

2. Enjoy and nurture the kids. - Trekked several miles with Kirk who was DETERMINED not to miss a possible handout of sugar at any home....

3. Publish the Frugal Millionairess in 2010 - A wee bit more reading in The New Writer's Handbook.

4. Found and grow my successful dual use educational company - Looked up potential names on My trademark friend suggested I look at variations of different names and see whether they are active or dead and also who holds them. Einstein Cottage, my original choice, when searched, led to a lot of Einstein trademarks owned by Disney, who she said fiercely protects them, not a good thing. If you're looking into names for your business, this is a very easy, user-friendly site.

5. Complete the four sides and center of the back yard to create a beautiful, groomed bird sanctuary. -Cut back some gardens in the front. In the back I leave most things standing through the winter as bird food.

6. Be and feel healthy and beautiful. - 30 minutes of cardio.

7. Achieve FI in 2010 - Turned down the thermostat two degrees.

8. Spirit/catchall. Experience and share joy, be in the moment, and laugh at least 20 times a day. Planning to read just a few pages of the Power of Now. Goodnight!

9. Create an organized and beautiful home that adds happiness to our lives. Took down the Halloween decorations tonight and put up the Thanksgiving ones.

10. Build my business knowledge by expanding my business vocabulary. Equal time, exposure, eye tracking, FCC.

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