Friday, October 23, 2009

Nightly Roundup - Day 347

1. Happy and passionate marriage to Greg. Check.

2. Enjoy and nurture kids. We had a fun time at a school Halloween party tonight.

3. Publish a book. Will have to count my blog time for today.

4. Found and build a successful company of dual use, educational products- Worked five minutes on my executive summary focusing on three areas:
•Why my business exists
•What its goals are
•How I will achieve those goals

5. Complete the four sides and the center of the big back garden into a lovely, groomed, bird sanctuary - Just emptied out the back of my mini-van as tomorrow is a big plant auction that my neighbor said I'd love. It's a local nursery and they auction off all the left over trees, shrubs, and perennials - thus I know I'll need at least some space back there tomorrow....

6. Be and feel healthy and beautiful - Five minutes of pilates.

7. Work on my spiritual life, friendships, extended family, the environment, etc. A sort of catchall to be and have an even happier, more fulfilling life. Had a nice long chat with my father-in-law when I called today to tell them we'd cancelled our CA trip and would be there for Thanksgiving.

8. Financial Independence as early as next year, 2010 - rather a stretch, but you know what they say about aiming high.;-). As of 7:45 it was to be no spend day. But they were serving pizza at the Halloween party and it smelled SO GOOD. By the time we got to the front of the line, they were sold out to a sad mom and kids. So I called in an order in town and swung by and picked it up. $16 for the pizza and another $3 for drinks and so long no spend day.... - but so good..... I knew I needed something for this category, so I just ran down the basement and dragged up the big glass insert that needs to go in the front screen door for winter, thus hopefully cutting down on heat bills.

9. Lovely, organized home that "rises up to meet me" in Oprah's words. Topped off the water in the small, indoor fountains, gave my houseplants a drink and set out some additional candles to give us a bit more of a festive feel this weekend.

10. A strong, solid knowledge of business by increasing my business vocabulary. Brand manager, business to business advertising, caption, car card

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