Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 349 - Nightly Roundup

Another milestone to be in the 340s!

1. Marriage - Check.

2. Kids - We had a great time picking apples at an apple orchard with friends and Kirk will bring in 23 of these for his class treat tomorrow. Kai spent most of his time trying to break into an antique car parked on the property....

3. Book - Will have to be the blog for today.

4. Business - Brainstormed for 30 additional ideas for about five minutes (today was a hectic day).

5. Garden - Got more carpet strips from the neighbors.

6. Beauty/health - Managed 45 minutes of exercise.

7. FI - Sold some of the things I'd cleaned out of the closet and shipped it today. After shipping we will clear $50, so not a bad clean out!

8. Spirit/catchall - Will do some more light reading at bedtime. Reading a funny book by David Sedaris, which is not something I usually would have picked, but it came highly recommended.

9. Organized, beautiful home - Tackled an upstairs linen closet for about 20 minutes and easily threw out more than 10 items, especially outdated medicines like cough syrup and Pepto Bismol. Sadly, I likely trashed $40 worth of old stuff, making a big dent in the $50 made from the closet sales.

10. Vocabulary - Continuing with the marketing terms. Today's were affiliate marketing, affiliate directory, affiliate network, and agency commission.

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