Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flow and The Problems of Closets

I've been listening to a book tape called "Into the Genius Zone" that I picked up at a library sale some time ago. It is a series of taped interviews with various people in the areas of creativity, music, wealth, education, and others.

The main idea behind the series is that when we get into "flow state" we tap into deeper resources of our unconscious. In flow our focus becomes much more pointed and we are able to accelerate learning and achieve mastery of material more quickly.

One section was from Dennis Stevenson, who ran the Money Workshop for several years. In his interview, he kept referring to money as simple flow and that certain things block that flow. His theory was if you have emotional blocks (lots of anger, unresolved issues with family/friends, etc) or mental blocks (lots of undone projects, piles of unaddressed bills, or lots of clutter in your home) that these things also block the flow of wealth.

I was interested in the case examples he gave of people who got their lives in order, such as organizing their finances, coming to a resolution with an old grievance, or simply cleaning out their basements and closets, and suddenly finding they had a lot more energy and creativity to deal with wealth building concepts. His theory, if I caught it right, was that these things you're not addressing, zap your energy and take mental/physical energy away that could otherwise be spent getting in flow.

If you walked into my house, for the most part you would think it was a tidy house. But should you have cause to go into the closets or the lower level of the basement or the garage, you would quickly revise that opinion;-). And I sort of get what he's saying. I have so many things I'm excited to accomplish this year, but certainly know there is a lot of clutter in those three areas that needs to be dealt with. And in some way, it does seem to drain energy every time I open a closet door or go down into the basement and find myself facing a mountain of clutter.

So, endeavor number nine is to clear out the last remaining disorganized areas of my home a bit at a time and see if indeed this does speed up flow.

Have any of you found something similar in your lives?



  1. This is completely true, the Flow... You can't have good things come to you if you are holding onto junk and hoarding stuff someone else can use. Or if, like me, abandoned projects haunt you from cabinets.

    I am working on it, as always, I am a work in progress.

  2. Eileen,
    I really enjoyed this post. This past year I have turned one of my son's bedroom (since he is on his own) into an office. I have alot of paperwork from my beauty shop and my hubby has alot of school paperwork plus our own paperwork. I'm sorting and filing slowly. And I guess I know why now, I always seem to be tired when I go in that room. Guess I'd better do the flylady way and do 15 mins at a time :)
    I ordered a book on e-bay the other night and decided to look up Into the genius zone it is 79.99 on there :)
    Thanks again for a great post :)
    Sib in La.