Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 346 -Nightly Roundup

1. Happy and passionate marriage to Greg. Check.;-)

2. Enjoy and nurture kids. Had a lovely long hike in the woods.

3. Publish a book. 30 items brainstormed as chapter ideas.

4. Found and build a successful company of dual use, educational products- Found the Small Business Association website and it had a great online program to help with my business plan. My original thought to write a several paragraph executive summary is apparently all wrong. The summary is to be written only after a very thorough business plan has been completed. So it's back to the drawing board on that, but the tutorial looks like it will be very helpful.

5. Complete the four sides and the center of the big back garden into a lovely, groomed, bird sanctuary - Attended a plant auction today, my first. LOTS of fun! Got some Annabelle Hydrangeas for $2 each, some hardy geranium, turtle head, and painted fern. Spent $37 for everything. Can't wait to see it all in bloom next summer.

6. Be and feel healthy and beautiful - Five minutes pilates.

7. Work on my spiritual life, friendships, extended family, the environment, etc. A sort of catchall to be and have an even happier, more fulfilling life. Emailed my aunt to arrange a visit.

8. Financial Independence as early as next year, 2010 - rather a stretch, but you know what they say about aiming high.;-). Started my chart to reduce costs by at least $2.74 each day for my Vanguard Star account challenge. It turns out we spend $165.26 per month on electric, which was not something I'd checked into a long time. As I type we have lights on in four rooms and Greg's big screen t.v. showcasing the Hawkeyes....;-). Definitely room for improvement here.

9. Lovely, organized home that "rises up to meet me" in Oprah's words. Five minutes tackling a second closet. Proud to report one upstairs closet is done!!!

10. A strong, solid knowledge of business by increasing my business vocabulary, Card rate, channel distribution, circulation, classified advertising.

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