Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nightly Roundup - Day 363

Crazy sort of grocery store, car wash, play date, zoo, Walmart, thrift store day.

Marriage - Check. (Decided we didn't need to be so detailed here for the day when the "Would you bring up the winter clothes?" is replaced with "There is a great Playboy bunny costume on sale at the temporary Halloween store at the mall and you would look just great in that........";-)

Kids - Did the zoo, the playground and a play date. Check!

Book - Note list above regarding running around all day, so blog entry and a paperback book called "From Book Idea to Bestseller" purchased for only a dollar by this optimistic blogger;-)

Business - See above note once again, but I did find this really interesting nightlight at the same thrift store as the book. Though you can't see from the still photo, it has a frog that loops around slowly, with words like Hip Hop. But the idea is intriguing. It looks fairly cheaply made with just a band of some sort of plastic material and if it was slowly revolving around naming the planets or the dinosaur groups, that could be moving closer to my idea. Will look up the manufacturer tomorrow.

Garden - Home Depot shrubs at $3.36 each - a great selection - and almost enough to finish most of the border to the south.

Health/beauty - Got in my eight glasses of water today and stocked up on more fruits than usual when shopping.

Spirit-friends-catchall - Made plans to meet with three of my friends whose friendship goes back to fourth grade sleepovers for the book signing at the library of our hometown for the one who is now a published author - how cool is that! We will then proceed to Pizza Hut, where we spent many an adolescent hour.

FI - Got the Quicken program as our Money program is about to go off and started to install it. Though we had a lot of problems with data transfer and supposedly they are coming out with something new in a few weeks to make that easier.

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