Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 341 - Nightly Roundup

The kids were not feeling well today. We spent most of our day in pjs reading and napping on the couch.

1. Happy and passionate marriage to Greg. Check.

2. Enjoy and nurture kids - We read 14 books today, two at a shot, throughout the day.

3. Publish the Frugal Millionairess in 2010 - Did a bit more reading in the "New Writer's Handbook".

4. Found and build a successful dual use educational company - Set up a meeting with a former entrepreneur and sent him a one page summary of my idea. It doesn't rise to the level of a more traditional executive summary, but it should be enough to start a conversation over lunch next week.

5. FI in 2010 - Today was to be another no spend day until about 4:54 when pizza cravings hit our infirmary. So today will have to be posting an item on Craigslist.

6. Create a beautiful, groomed bird sanctuary by completing the four sides and center of the back yard.- Spent about three more minutes cutting back perennials by the dim light of the yard lamp while waiting to walk the dogs with my friend.

7. Be and feel healthy and beautiful - Did 15 minutes of belly dancing from the Shimmy show on Fit t.v. If kick boxing brings out my inner GI Jane, belly dancing brings out my inner Cleopatra, at least until I get a glimpse of myself in a reflecting window of my "belly rolling walk forward" which looks distinctly like I tied one on right after dinner.....One more reason to make sure the drapes and blinds are drawn before practicing my inner Egyptian Queen.

8. Spirit/catchall - be happy and in the moment and experience and share joy each day. Planning to read a bit tonight out of a funny book I picked up called Viva La Repartee, which is a compilation of funny historical comebacks.

9. Create a lovely, organized home that adds happiness to our lives - Worked for 30 minutes on the kitchen, which has taken a backseat to just about everything else the past two days.

10. Continually increase my business knowledge by building my vocabulary. I've now also signed up for a free email service called, which sends me one new business term each day. Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO), creative strategy, creatives, DAGMAR

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