Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nightly Roundup Day 294

Last night, I intended to be home early from a movie to do my update. My friend and I stopped briefly at a local restaurant en route as her husband had called to say he'd locked himself out of his car. We arrived to the restaurant to a big surprise birthday party planned by my dear husband to celebrate entering my 42nd year. It was a LOVELY time and we didn't get home until almost midnight. That was my first surprise party and the first birthday party I've had since fifth grade, so a big event. Hopefully all your spirits were there too as I blew out the candles - cake decorated with lilies and daffodils - and sent wishes that all the wishes of friends and family would also come true this year.

Marriage - Check
Parenting - Reading a book that stresses you need to first identify what values are important to your family, then have some sort of accountability. They suggest choosing one per week and asking each night for an update. We are going to start with kindness or compassion. In one of those wonderful "coincidences" that I begin to believe are not truly coincidental, I got five posters about values from a thrift store that look like there were from an old classroom.
Business - We have a good friend who is very knowledgeable about websites and he was at the party last night. Hoping to meet Monday to get his input for this aspect of our company.
Book - More work on the right type of illustrations to use.
FI - No spend day! (Admittedly balanced by big party last night;-)
Garden - Planted a box of zinnia seeds for winter sowing. This will go out into the yard tomorrow.
Spirit - Watched again the Tony Robbins video on personal power.
Health - some ab work. I'm supposed to email my friend/trainer each night, so that will keep me accountable.
House - While I was taking a shower today, Kai emptied about three side shelves from the refrigerator, emptying the contents of several bottles onto the floor. Thus we have vastly decluttered the fridge...
Bus. Vocab. - foreign exchnage, fortune five hundred, franchise, free enterprise.


  1. Happy Birthday, you share your birthday with me :) Maryana

  2. Happy Birthday!

    How wonderful, your husband pulled off a surprise!

    Hope you had a great day.