Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 298 - Nightly Roundup - Happy 2010!!!!

It's wonderful ushing in a new era. I remember as a kid thinking I would be 31 when the year 2000 came and thinking that was so old!! Now ten years past that marker at 2010, I feel so young and full of hope and excitement for all the new goals and hopes I'm working toward that I wish I could go back and tell that younger self, "You'll never really be "old" unless you so choose;-). Probably a bit deep for my nine year old self..

Marriage - Check

Parenting - Organized toys so cleanup is a bit easier and favorite toys are more accessible.

Business - Emailed someone with experience in the toy industry in the hopes we might meet.

Book - Will watch a video on Sacajawea tonight for research.

FI- Updated all spending accounts.

Spirit/catchall - Nice long chat with a good friend who is the hardest working woman I ever met (Greg and my dad being the hardest working guys I've ever met) and she had a huge bonus at work that made her feel good for the hours and hours and hours she's worked.

Health - 30 cardio and stayed within the recommended 2032 calories. This calorie tracking is from The SELF magazine website, is free, and is good for accountability;-).

Garden- Experimenting with using large cardboard boxes as planters for winter planting as I think they will retain moisture quite well. Using small plastic pots often is a problem as they dry out too fast.

House - More work on "the corner pile".;-)

Bus. Vocab - callable, corporation, deficit spending, deflation

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