Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 282 Nightly Roundup

Good wishes to you all. Hope the week ahead is filled with little happy moments.

Marriage - Check
Parenting - I must admit to being tired and grumpy today and not doing the best job here. Grateful that tomorrow is a new day to start again.
Business - Did a bit more reading in Art of the Start, about creating a new business.
Book - Trying to figure out a character that can go through the whole series - some sort of time travel - without getting too far from the history aspects. Reading a lot about why boys do and don't read.
FI - Updated some accounts. Did the weekly groceries for about $80 which is pretty good for us. Need to eat out of the cupboards more.
Health - Dinner tonight uber healthy - roasted veggies and whole grain rice and grains.
Spirit- Hoping the tired/grumpies go away tomorrow - not really the person I want to be today - always glad for a fresh start and a new day. Greg took Kirk to see The Blind Side, which he said was really inspirational - one of those movies that remind you how good people really are.
Garden - Read an article about deadheading.
House - Put another 15 items in the donate pile and cleaned out the front hall closet.
Bus. Vocab. - macroeconomics, Madison Ave., Thomas Malthus, marginal cost

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