Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 290 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - Check
Parenting - Kai still refuses to go anywhere near the water for swim lessons, so we just sit by the side and watch. At $25 per lesson, the is pricey entertainment;-). Kirk joined a sort of twice a week science club that is part of his school. That means we have after school activities three days a week, plus Kirk has Sunday school, and I'm not sure if maybe that's all just a bit too much with not enough down time. I'll have to reevaluate in a few weeks.
Business- Met a good friend and his two partners today who specialize in technology for further discussions about our website and what we'd be able to do on it and how hard it would be to set up.
Book - Thinking of working on a team for this and sent out a job posting at the University.
FI - Updating some accounts.
Health - Not a good day here. Didn't plan meals, didn't exercise, ate lots of junk...need to focus more on this.
Garden - Watered some overwintering flowers.
Spirit- Read a bit in The Power Of Now - which I love. Whenever I find myself getting too caught up in the what ifs - this book is a great calmer.
House - Doing great here as far as tossing and donating. I'm a woman on a mission!
Bus. Vocab. Random walk theory, holding company, import quota, individualism.


  1. Eileen,
    I wonder if this is an uncommon problem. At almost three Isabel refused to get into the pool for her lesson, but her instructor (who was male and probably part of her fearfulness) said that I should have her sit on the edge on the pool and get in, then I should hold her feet and play with her and ask her, repeatedly, if she wanted to get in with me. I did this for about fifteen minutes, before she decided to get in. It was pretty slow going, but she did get much less fearful of joining the group. She gets in the pool AND ocean regularly, so this really threw me. I don't know why kids get this form of performance anxiety.

    Anyhow, good luck with the kids. I am sure every parent has times when it's hard to have fun with your kids.

    I am gearing up to start a big house cleaning myself. It's amazing to see how much progress you've made with your business idea.


  2. Antoinette,

    Thanks for the story about your daughter - it sounds very similar. I will try the suggestion of continuing to ask him to go in, which I hadn't been doing. The instructor kept doing this, and Kai kept saying no and hiding behind me and I thought that was kind of crazy that he kept asking again and again, but hearing your story, there must be a logic behind it.

    Thanks also for the encouraging words on my business. Sometimes even I'm amazed at how far its come - though I must admit I was up at 2:00 a.m. sending out emails - a bit of anxiety....

  3. It is easy to say no once, but it only takes one instance of momentary bravery to subsequently say yes... Her instructor was pretty good, and I'd had my doubts because he was also very young, [I think he was a high school senior (a little older than my oldest)] but he said, It's worth a shot, right? and I figured, it was indeed. This particular instance was a one time hour long session, and it cost me $45 dollars, so that was a bit of incentive for me be go against my initial thoughts. Also, my other daughter would have momentary "stage fright" when attending her daily lessons last summer as well. Kids, [*shrugging*].

    Anxiety is a regular part of my life, some how, the world turns regardless of how I feel about, I don't know why I don't seem to learn this lesson. ;)