Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 277 - Nightly Roundup

Kai and Brandi watching Curious George. I went to bed last night before I updated.

Marriage - Check.
Parenting - Pizza/pop/candy party;-) Not too nutricious. Greg was out of town so we did a Friday night no-holds barred pizza party.
Business - Had a very helpful meeting with someone who has worked in toy product development and may work with us as a consultant.
Book - The two people I met with yesterday both didn't like the fantasty/time travel idea at all - but preferred a straight history story. Will have to give some thought to this. Meeting the writers on Tuesday for chapter one.
Spirit - A rare day with no spirit stuff.
FI - Nada - unless I count the work on the company - but that seems like double dipping.;-)
Health - Nada.
Garden - Nada
House - Some tidying.
Bus. Vocab. - nada
You begin to see why I didn't update;-).


  1. Eileen,
    It's nice to see you have "down days" as well. I seem to have more of them then I intend to. A few days ago we had a "tea party" where I served the bottom of the box/bag contents to the kids in the cul de sac. I felt like a cool mom, however -while it was fun- it wasn't particularly healthy. (Six girl scout cookies, a bowl of raisins, some chocolate pastry, you get the picture.)

    I wasn't crazy with the time travel idea either, sorry, but I've seen it in a lot of TV/movies for kids. What if you follow a fictional family? In this was you could reuse names, and illustrations... Perhaps you can even work in other siblings down the road.

    I don't know if this idea is one you may have already had, but if you've read Mitchner's Legacy, he uses his main character's family to flesh out the theme of American service and help his hero make a tough decision.

    I was actually thinking of this book when you mentioned following a character through time.


  2. Antoinette,

    Hello!! How are your classes going? I was happy to see your comment and will look into the Mitchner book. Your party sounds very fun - and the raisins added some health;-). I'm sure you made a lot of kids happy in your culdesac. Take care. Eileen