Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 297 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - Check

Parenting - Found Kirk, newly a Star Wars aficionado, a working light saber for 30 cents at a thrift store (they sell by weight). I will save it for his birthday next month along with an action figure that I had purchased for his Christmas gifts before I realized he had too much already between us and his sets of grandparents and three uncles, etc.;-).

Business - Packing up our prototype action figures, my outlines, and time lines for Monday's meeting with my mentor group.

Book - May have found an illustrator. I went to the library and checked out about 50 books on Lewis and Clark and found one really stands out for its quality. Some Internet research allowed me to track down the illustrator and I've emailed him.

FI - Dinner out tonight was free at Olive Garden, by cobbling together several old gift cards to Red Lobster (which is owned by the same company) and Olive Garden cards.

Spirit- Nice chat with a good friend today.

Health - 30 cardio and 20 yoga.

Garden - Watered my hyacinth bulbs. They are just starting to bud; I can't wait to see the full bloom.

House - My aunt (who has BEAUTIFUL taste in all things household) gave me a subscription to House Beautiful and it came today so I'll enjoy visions of my perfect home tonight before bed.

Bus. Vocab. economic indicators, entrepreneur, equity, federal reserve system.

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