Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 276 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - Check.
Parenting - Greg's been out of town - returning tonight - so we've had a lot of play time which included tag, hide and seek, light saber battles, dinosaurs, blocks, etc. Will be ready for adult conversation tomorrow;-).
Business - Sent a weekly update to my mentor group, whom I will be meeting with for the second time on Monday. They've been ENORMOUSLY helpful in finding people in everything from manufacturing to video game development.
Book - Got an update from my writers who were at the focus group to hear their thoughts on the parents' opinions and will print these tomorrow to bring to my mentor group to share on Monday.
Health - Continue to struggle on the healthy eating front - it seems the busier I am the more a junk food (specifically sugar) junkie I am. Around three I become convinced I need Dr. Pepper and chocolate covered raisins to make it through the rest of the day;-). Today I took the time to write down the ingredients for several healthy meals for grocery shopping tomorrow from Deceptively Delicious - written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife Jessica.
FI - Went no where/spent nothing today.
Spirit - Will read something uplifting tonight.
Garden - Read about a coastal garden today that happened to mention a Madison couple's beachfront home in Florida. Intrigued, I looked them up and it turns out he is a direct mail catalogue guru, so I sent the name to several people to see if anyone knows him to set up a meeting as I'd love to talk about the ins and outs of direct mail.
House - Will do a wee bit of Valentine decorating tonight.
Bus. Vocab. - asset based lending, chart, cash basis accounting, price skimming

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