Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 284 - Nightly roundup

Something I want to be very conscious of is making our products/books as environmentally friendly as possible from the marketing to the packaging to the printing. My mom bought this plaque 20 years ago when she and I took a trip to Maine and she recently gave it to me.
Marriage - check
Parenting - Had fun tonight. Turned off all the lights in the house and had a candle-lit dinner then played flashlight tag.
Business - Got some books from the library about the differences between boys and girls in their reading habits/skills
Book - Met with the second potential writing team member today - he had some great ideas, a senior at UW in the creative writing dept.
Health - Worked out with weights with my friend/trainer and worked harder than I ever had and felt like a puddle of wobbly muscles as the end! The theory behind Body for Life is to fatigue the muscle to the point you "tear" it - not literally, then it gets stronger as it repairs itself. Did pretty well with healthy eating today.
Spirit- Going to watch a video from a group of comedians tonight. Talked at dinner about each of our acts of kindness for the day.
FI - Getting more donations ready.
Garden - Watering my blooming hyacinths.
House - Tidied up quite a bit and got my pile of five donations ready.
Bus. Vocab - invisible hand, journeyman, Das Kapital, John Maynard Keynes

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