Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 296 Nightly Roundup

Hello to all in 2010! It's chilly here in Wisconsin! My company idea is really starting to take form and I'm enjoying it a lot. I feel myself stretching - which is good. I've was watching a Tony Robbins video last night called Personal Power that I picked up at a thrift store and he talks about setting goals and reaching for them, not just for what they bring, but for who you become in the process - something I ascribe to. An aside, I think I could be a walking case study for self-help materials. At this point I'm awash in a sea of self-help posters, books, videos, etc. It will be fun to see where it all leads by year's end. I definitely feel more energized, positive, and courageous (not to say there aren't moments of pure self-doubt) but I do think I'm at a really good place, so thanks to all the "mind over matter" gurus;-).

Marriage - Check. Greg just got back from the Orange Bowl a happy man. Go Hawks!
Parenting - Trying to use the Jedi code (lots of Star Wars this past week as Kirk just found this) of controlling emotions and being in the moment rather than worried about some future event or aggravated at things. Kai had a disastrous first night of swim lessons despite being so excited for the past three weeks he would dance around and demand to go NOW to lessons. Once there, he was having no part of it (despite being in pools and the lake many times) and refused to go anywhere near the teacher for most of the lesson - SHRIEKING his disapproval of the whole process toward the end. Hoping this goes better next week. Staying calm, patient and Jedi-like;-)
Business - Have contacted a potential writer, potential illustrator, and now a potential designer for the action figures (the premade ones likely won't work as some of the joints and parts are too small - it was designed for collectors not kids.)
Book - Hoping the writer works out. She is sending a proposal by the end of January so then I'll have some sense of the cost. The good thing is she LOVES Lewis and Clark, has written three books on them and is very enthused about the project. I found her from a library book I'd really liked, then tracked her down, emailed, then we exchanged calls, now waiting for the proposal. It's fun to watch those baby steps add up.
FI - Rechecked library books and videos on line to avoid late fees.
Spirit- Nice long chat with my dad on the phone tonight. He worked so very, very hard all the years I was growing up. I really enjoy talking to him about my idea, though it is a long way from his construction/redi-mix world. He is always very encouraging to take chances. He likes to say, "As long as you're learning, you're doing good." Sort of a toned down Tony Robbins;-)
Health - 30 cardio and really need to recommit to the healthy eating. Anyone here not take a bit of a nosedive during the holidays??
Garden - Watered some plants that are overwintering - it gets really dry with the furnace.
House- Put up a few more inspirational posters. They are a bit discordant with the living room decor, but just thumb tacked up for those moments of needed inspiration.
Bus. Vocab. Green shoe, accounting rate of return, real capital, Federal Trade Commission.

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