Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 281 Nightly Roundup

Inauspicious beginnings - nary a soul showed up to my first focus group at a local bank.;-) Hoping for a better turnout Wednesday night.
Marriage - Check
Parenting - Kirk and I spent a lot of time reading Star War books tonight and Kai and I spent a fair amount of time singing.
Business - A good meeting today with a company that does video games to discuss some sort of video element on the website.
Book - Did some creative brainstorming for this.
FI - Other than three candy bars - for me and my two musketeers - no money spent.
Health - Did the cardio, but still really struggling on the food - Candy bar and Dr. Pepper again today - it always seems to be the 3-4 p.m. energy dip that has me craving sugar.
Spirit- Kirk and I gathered a bunch of change to bring to his pennies challenge to help the people in Haiti.
House - 20 minute speed clean got it fairly presentable for tonight.
Bus. Vocab - Marginal tax rate, market economy, Karl Marx, George Meany


  1. Sorry about no one showing up! I would have definitely participated back in the day. My 14 y.o LOVED Rescue Heroes and would have probably enjoyed what you are envisioning. Good Luck! It seems like such a fabulous idea

  2. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Would have loved to have you there;-)