Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 287 - Nightly Roundup

Hello! Hope this finds everyone having a good night. The hyacinth bulb I planted earlier this fall is just now beginning to bloom and smells heavenly. The blog, the idea for which Greg planted into my mind over lunch in June, just showed 10,000 views...visual representations of dreams manifesting;-).

Marriage - check.
Parenting - Listening to a book tape these past few days called "Parenting with Love and Logic" and I've found it helpful with Kai at two and a half, who is more of a "tester" than Kirk ever was. I was a bit firmer tonight, buoyed by the books suggestions that even a one year old knows right from wrong and doesn't need more than one warning. Hoping this brings more peace and quiet to the household;-).
Business - Greg and I have instituted a habit of sitting together for 20 minutes at night after the kids go to bed and coordinating our schedules for the company and trading thoughts and ideas of the best ways to proceed.
Book - Got a second submission from a possible writing team member. His first submission was good, but too adult, so I asked him to submit something more targeted for kids, with action and dialogue. He's getting his degree with an emphasis in creative writing, so I'm hoping he will work well with the other writer and me. We will meet sometime this week or next to explain the concept and get his thoughts.
Health - Did my first day of body for life, which is much more based on weight lifting than cardio and I pushed myself pretty hard. The theory is 3 days lifting - alternating upper and lower body, 3 days of cardio - 20 minutes per day, but really pushing it. The food is 6 meals a day, no junk, balanced between a fist-size portion of protein, healthy carbs, and fruits/veggies for each meal, with one day a week free to eat whatever.
Spirit- Had a really nice visit with my parents when I met them halfway for Kirk to come home after his three day weekend, which he loved.
Garden - More garden magazine dreaming.
FI - Updated accounts.
House - Really getting into the toss/donate mode. At least 15 more items ushered out the door today - though my mom sent home quite a bit with Kirk, so we may be a wash.
Bus. Vocab. - inelastic demand, inelastic supply, institutional investor, international monetary fund.

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