Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 279 - Nightly Roundup

Had some great parents show up for the second focus group - Hurrah!
Marriage - Check
Parenting - A bit rushed tonight because of the focus group, but I am reading a book called "How to have fun with your kids with the time you do have" - i.e. games to play at mealtimes and bedtimes, etc, so hopefully it will be slower soon and I can incorporate some of these into our schedule.
Bus. - Second focus group had five wonderful parents in attendance and they had a lot of opinions. I realize we have a LOT of work to do, but I keep remembering every obstacle is an opportunity.
Book - Parents pointed out again tonight how much their boys don't like long blocks of text, which goes against the Harry Potter concept - though I like to think if it's written well enough, they will come??
Spirit- Helped out someone today, ironically enough, who needed business strategy suggestions.
Health- Grapes as a snack.
Garden- Nada
FI- Skipped planned dinner out tonight to do the focus group.
House - General tidying.
Bus. Vocab - median, mercantilism, microeconomics, mixed economy

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