Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 292 Nightly Roundup

Marriage - Check.

Parenting - Kai and I have a new routine that after stories we sing songs before bed and I think we may have our very first family member on either side with some musical talent... When I try to join in, he quickly admonishes me, "NO Mommy - Just ME sing!";-) Played light sabers with Kirk and did a puzzle with Kai. Not lots of quality time today, but a bit. Kirk helped with the dishes to earn computer time.

Business - Met today with someone who works with CAD design and showed him our idea. He told me that for the level of detail that we want, we would have to work with a sculptor initially.

Book- Will do a rough outline tonight in case the proposal from the published author doesn't work.

Health - Did my training routine 30 cardio and 10 minutes ab work - nine more weeks of training. I've also been reading about food more. One think I know I need a lot of this year is energy. There was an interesting article stating digestion is the second biggest user of energy in our bodies and that digesting some food (steak for instance) takes up to 9 hours of time your body would otherwise be free to repair cells, eliminate toxins etc. On the other hand, a fruit salad can be digested by your body in 30 minutes, leaving your body with a lot of excess energy. The idea was to eat foods that give you a large net energy gain, not energy in some form that has to be counter-balanced by a lot of work to digest. I found this interesting - and a big argument for more whole, raw foods in my diet.
FI - Updated accounts.

Spirit- We did our one act of kindness discussion tonight at dinner (just Kirk and me as Greg was working and Kai was feeling a bit under the weather) Kirk led with, "I helped my team win at messy soccer today in gym!";-)

Garden - Looked through a wonderful catalogue of specialty flowers, just a bit of dreaming.;-)

House - Saw a segment on Oprah about the Danish - and do they ever have uncluttered homes!! One guy was saying he believes less stuff and less space (small apartments) equals more life. I liked that and vowed today to collect 20 more items to donate, which I surpassed.
Bus. Vocab - Prospectus, MRO, weak dollar, investment proposal.

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