Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 295 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - Check
Parenting - Lots and lots of reading tonight. Kai picked out seven books for bedtime and Kirk and I made great progress in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, before he remembered he'd checked out a school library book on all the fighter ships in the Star Wars series and we "got" to read that for about 25 minutes;-).
Business - In a book about bringing new products to market, they pound home the message that you MUST know what the customer wants early on in the design rather than making something you hope they will buy. So I think I'm going to post on Craigslist for moms of boys aged 5-12 and offer a $10 gift card to Target to get some early, very concrete feedback on the whole concept.
Book - The original person we contacted about illustrations seems to have lost interest, so I have been thinking of alternatives. We may have to start from scratch on this.
FI - Found a big box of lovely cards, all occasions, for $1 at a thrift store that must have been left-over stock from a card store. I seperated out about 50 I could use and will donate back the rest. This easily is a $150 value, not to mention time and effort as they even came with the dividers. How easy to "shop" in my own office for the perfect card this upcoming year.
Garden - Set out my box and some seeds that I will sow tomorrow with the kids.
Spirit- Listening to a book tape called, "There's a spiritual solution to every problem" as I run errands.
Health - Had my first of 10 personal training sessions with my friend turned personal trainer - tough!
House - Cleared out some of the kids' videos to donate and a pile for our garage sale too.
Bus. Vocab. - Compound interest, FICA, fiscal policy, fiscal year.

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