Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nightly Roundup

Our first ambulance trip yesterday so no update. Very, very scary. Kai had what turned out to be a febrile seizure (fever convulsions). He was watching Curious George and running a temperature, so we'd just laid low all day. All at once his body started convulsing, I picked him up, terrified and called 911, and he went completely limp. The ambulance arrived and they tried to reassure me that it was probably this febrile seizure, not uncommon with fevers for children under five, with no long term negative affects, but riding along to the hospital with my little guy completely out of it, I was not too comforted. The people were all wonderfully kind and helpful and Kai is 100 percent fine and I am grateful beyond what words could express and thank God every moment that the kids are okay. Today was a pretty slow day and I didn't get much done, still in a bit of a recovery mode myself. I will be up and at 'em tomorrow. Best wishes to you all. Eileen


  1. My oldest had these seizures as well. We did everything on earth to keep fevers at bay. Still he had several and they were all traumatizing for us. When our little ones are sick we let them sleep with us and get all kinds of attention because of all that old worry spilling over.

    It's interesting how all plans are trumped by our children.

    I'm glad for you that everything is OK now.

  2. Antoinette, Thanks for the kind words. I have since learned two others I know had this issue with their children, and somehow that's comforting. It's horrifying to watch not knowing what's happening. And it definitely puts everything else in perspective. Take care. Eileen

  3. Eileen, my oldest child had two of these type seizures' when she was about a year and a half old. Two in two months time cause of an ear infection she had and the fever's went up very quickly. Very scary experience. Needless to say everytime any of my children had a fever I was
    very cautious.
    I'm so sorry to hear that you had to experience that and your little boy also. I am glad to hear that he is feeling better now :)

  4. Thanks for the kind words Sib. It was SO scary. I'm learning now that it isn't so uncommon, but I'd never before heard of it. Good wishes to you! Eileen