Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 307 Nightly Roundup

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm excited about my presentation tomorrow to the complete group of mentors - 50 in all - and can't wait to meet with my team to hear ideas. Hope all your plans and dreams are making progress and that the trip is making you an even stronger, happier person.

Marriage - check
Parenting- Can I admit here I offered Kirk $1 to "play nicely" with Kai (I called it babysitting him) for 30 minutes so I could rest after church (I had a rare headache). Usually they play quietly for all of about five minutes before someone is shrieking, then go back to play fairly well for five minutes or so, and then it's like a loop. Amazingly, for a buck, Kirk was the ideal big brother and really hustled to make Kai happy offering to play hide and seek, share his toys, make a block tower, and play trucks. He set the timer in the kitchen himself and when it went off, told me he had set it for an extra minute (31) because I seemed tired, but he wouldn't charge me;-).
Business - Practiced my presentation.
Book - Wondering if the Washington trilogy is too violent. I want the kids to learn the history of the American Revolution but not glorify war. I did some research and learned the British soldiers had a pretty tough time of it themselves, and many were amazingly brave. I'm not sure how to work compassion into the story, make it "anti-war", but at the same time acknowledge that without the soldiers, we wouldn't be here today. Open for suggestions on this.
FI - Got a $35 Christmas tree, despite tales that there was nothing out there under $50. And it's quite a nice tree.
Health - 30 minutes cardio.
Garden - Watered all the overwintering plants, which get incredibly dry indoors.
Spirit- Will read a great book tonight.
House - Worked on a wood chest full of puzzles, magazine clippings, book tapes, etc. and cleared out quite a bit.
Bus. Vocab. - Capital, capital expensiture, capital formation, capital gain.

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