Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 306 - Nightly Roudup

Presentation went well and I was assigned three mentors!! I asked for mentors with experience in manufacturing, marketing and publication, and while I do not yet know who will be on the team, there are a LOT of amazing people in the organization so I'm pleased as punch and grateful as can be! Sending good wishes to each of you starting new ventures this year and hoping you are also finding helpful role models.
Marriage - check.
Parenting - We put up the tree - Lots of "help" from my two and five year old, which made it more fun and more challenging;-).
Business - Big presentation to the 50 mentors.
Book - Will do a bit of work on the Lewis and Clark outline tonight.
FI - I was tempted to treat myself to lunch out, but came home and had leftovers, which were just as good and easily $10 cheaper.
Health- Did my trainer/friend's regime - truly I'm not yet used to it and not really enjoying it, but hopefully the results will keep me motivated. She's a three time iron woman - get the idea of her training philosophy....not for wimps;-).
Spirit- Found a great way to be "in the moment" as every philosopher in all time has always recommended. I may have written about this earlier, but the best means which I've found and had read about, is to focus on your other senses to "get out of the monkey chatter in your mind." So when my mind is racing, I'll focus on the feel of the floor under my feet as I walk, or the sound of a bird chirping, the taste of iced tea, you get the idea. Doing this, you are truly "in the moment" which is lovely.
Garden- Perused Parks seed catalogue and dreamed for a bit today.
House - Am getting a pile of Xmas ornaments and decorations ready to donate.
Bus. Vocab.- captains of industry, cesar chavez, compound interest, constant dollars.

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