Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 318 - Nightly Roundup

Busy day today so not as much accomplished in any one area, but a happy day too.

1. Marriage - check.
2. Parenting - Took the kids to meet some good friends at the library's play area, then we went out to dinner and went to see a big Christmas light display.
3. Business - Had a wonderful meeting with the founder of Posi-pair and she once again was an absolute fountain of ideas. I have learned to take a notebook when I meet with her so I don't miss anything. She told me about several grants that are available to apply to as a new business at both the state and federal level so I'm excited to look more into this.
4. Book - Just a few pages on character development.
5. Garden - Watered some of the overwintering plants.
6. Spirit/catchall - The friend we met today has long wanted the older boys to help serve meals at a homeless shelter that is set up for kids to help. So we stopped by there tonight to find dates and times to help out and will try to do that in the next few weeks.
7. Health/beauty - The same friend is now a personal trainer just starting out and so I signed up for once a week training for 10 weeks to help her get her business off the ground and hopefully become a bit more svelte in the process;-).
8. FI - Spent quite a lot today so this category was not the best, but I will start rereading the Tightwad Gazette II tonight to get back on track. One of the things I really admire about Sarah's company (Posi-Pair) is how incredibly, admirably frugally she is doing it. This woman does not spend money she doesn't need to and I want to follow that model in my own company. I told her she should write a book about getting a company launched on a shoestring and I hope she does, or at a minimum, an in depth magazine article.
9. Home - Did about 3 minutes on the crazy and I do mean crazy piles of family photos organizing and tossing.
10. Bus. Vocab.- Dividend per share, fixtures, selling orientation, strategic market planning

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