Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 316 Nightly Roundup

Today was a very productive day, always a good feeling. The meeting with the researcher went well and I did a lot of work on the company's philosophy/mission statement. I was truly in the moment with the kids, helped by an article I read last night that I will post here. Hope you all had a happy Friday!

Marriage - Check. Picked up milk;-)
Parenting - Really in the moment today with the kids.
Book - Organizing a flier to distribute at the University for a team of writers to help with the series.
Business - Worked on revising my second presentation.
Garden - Brought in some amaryllis bulbs that I hope to pot up tomorrow.
Spirit/catchall - Will read a bit more in Moments in Between tonight.
FI - Used up lot of left-overs.
Health - Walked dogs around the block.
House - A bit more work on a drawer stuffed with photos. One bonus, found a wonderful wedding picture of my great-grandparents that I hadn't realized I had. Thanks to my mom for putting names and dates so I could figure it out!
Bus. Vocab.- Marginal cost of capital, haircut, target audience, unique selling proposition

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