Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 304 - Nightly Roundup

Hello and Happy Holidays!

Marriage - Check.
Parenting - Kirk had his big "Broadway Debut" at school today and the grandparents came to watch with us. It was fun to see his excitement.
Business - Working on an action plan of steps with deadlines.
Book - Reading some more on character development.
FI - Spent a long time chatting with my older brother, who is very frugal, and we did some note comparing for ideas.
Spirit- Time with the kids and in-laws, and my mom, and Greg today. It was nice to all be together.
Health - Stocked up on a lot of fruit for the weekend and gave away a lot of cookies so I wouldn't be so tempted;-)
Garden - Spent a bit of time on for wintersowing. Monday is winter solstice, so it's time to start thinking about getting some winter sowing done - how fun!!
House - Is truly immaculate (for guests) today. That will last about another 12 hours at best;-).
Bus. Vocab. best efforts, domestic rate, cause and effect analysis, capped-style option.

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