Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 302 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - Check.
Parenting - Lots of playtime and a long trip to the grocery store, after which I wouldn't have minded a nap;-).
Business - Worked a bit on the Governor's business plan competition. The original entry is limited to 250 words, divided among four categories: product description, customer definition (their needs/my solution); market description (size and sales strategy); competition (identify possible competitors).
Book - Will read a bit more about character development tonight.
FI - Though mighty tempted to get two cooked turkeys from Whole Foods (I'm a vegetarian and have never cooked a turkey and have two big holiday dinners back to back Friday/Saturday), when they quoted the free-range, already cooked, organic turkeys at close to $80 each, I took a pass. So wish me luck. That one choice about covered the cost of the entire meal.
Spirit-Just enjoying the holiday spirit in general and the decorations.
Health - 30 minutes cardio.
Garden - Set out some traded seeds (birdhouse gourds and something autumn sun) to sew tomorrow for solstice.
House - Tackled the paper pile again - school notices, real estate taxes, dentist bill, reimbursement for travel for jury duty.....the list goes on and on;-)
Bus. Vocab. Conglomerate, constant dollar GNP, consumer goods, consumer price index.

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