Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 312 - Nightly Roundup

Hope to have photos back by tomorrow. I think I've got the new camera figured out.
Marriage - Check.
Parenting - Pretty rushed today, not the best quality time, but we're getting 12 inches of snow tonight so tomorrow will be a stay at home, snuggle, and play day.
Business - Went to a wonderful event in which women owned companies present for financing. Lots of inspiration in all different fields.
Book - Played around with various options for the characters meeting the famous people for the book series.
FI - Combined errands to save gas money today.
Spirit- Met the founder of Michelle's Miracle, "Discover the Power of Cherries" and was inspired. She has a great story and has had great success.
Health - Got a clean bill of health in all areas at the doctor's office today - always glad to have that yearly appointment behind me;-).
Garden-Plan to bring a garden book to bed tonight and just dream spring.
House - General tidying - need to restart the overall organization schemes.
Bus. Vocab- block trade, annuity, agribusiness, novation

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