Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 305 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - check.
Parenting - Played a fun new game from a thrift store today called Hi ho Cherry-O, which lets the kids count. Kai doesn't quite get it, but Kirk loved it. We've been trying to play one game with each dinner.
Business - Had a lovely long meeting with another woman entrepreneur also in the education field and enjoyed hearing her ideas.
Book - Will read a bit of character development.
FI - Our waffle/pear/banana dinner came in under $3 for all of us;-).
Garden - Got out some photos of my garden in summer to give myself a winter boost.
Spirit - Kirk and I were reading about Sitting Bull and Kirk finally asked me to stop reading as it was too sad at the end (the government's treatment of the native Americans). To this day, I have a cousin who works with kids on some reservations in northern WI, and it's still a very sad situation. I wonder what it will take to remedy some of this?
Health - 30 cardio.
House- A bit of work organizing the basement.
Bus. Vocab. - Purchasing power parity, margin call, hedging, cyclical industries.


  1. I think about remedies and fixes all the time. It seems that we will have to start again with new mindsets and broader compassion.


  2. I so agree. I like to think there is a solution to every problem, it may just not have been found or implemented yet. And that gives me hope.