Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 310 Nightly Roundup

I mentioned that we watched the Little House on the Prairie movie yesterday. Here is a picture of the boys who visited one of the Ingalls actual homes in IA, where they were for only a year. This is the actual size of the wagon they traveled in! Imagine putting all your household goods in this and traveling from WI to Kansas, then Minn., Iowa and later I think South Dakota. Tough folks indeed!
Marriage - Check
Parenting - One of those great days where I just loved being a mom. We played "alligator" which is sort of a game of tag (mom is the alligator), we read several stories that Grandma had sent in the mail, the kids tidied up all their toys with not too many complaints, we watched a Leapfrog video together, talked to the other grandma on the phone and generally had a good time.
Business - More work on the whole concept over lunch with a notepad and pen.
Book - Decided to add Christopher Columbus to the 100 greatest mind series.
Health - Had my first session with my friend who is now a personal trainer.
FI - Did a bit of thrift store shopping and found some great puzzles for the kids for Xmas.
Garden - Will read a bit in a garden book tonight.
Spirit - Found a great inspirational poster, the contents of which I'll post tomorrow.
House - Tiny, tiny, tiny bit on loose paper pile.
Bus. Vocab. - low tax jurisdiction, contingent order, bear market, bilateralism

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