Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas 2009!!!

Today was a lovely day! Kai helped me cook. My brother helped the kids put together their toys. Kai and mom's dog watched the squirrels. We had a wonderful meal with my parents and brother here and happy time spent together. Tomorrow Greg's family will be here so more happy times ahead. Kirk chirped this morning, "I've waited ALL year for today and it's been awesome!".;-) Hope as we close in on the end of 2009, you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday and looking forward to an amazing 2010. Last night Greg and I stayed up late with the tree and for every bubble light (about 25) we each had to think of something we were grateful for, and not surprisingly, we could have easily gone through many strands as we have a LOT to give thanks for. Looking forward to a wonderful New Year.


  1. It was a great Christmas. I love you Sweetie!

  2. Hoping to share at least 60 more with you! E.