Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 317 - Nightly Roundup

A very hectic day and I still need to create a list of questions for the researcher to look at for next week. I meet him tomorrow morning. I hope to have the information back by Friday to use in next Monday's presentation. A friend suggested the Rescue Heroes might be a similar model to my 100 greatest mind story/action figure series, so I have a bunch of questions about their business development. And then because the person I hired, a freelance journalist, is also a huge history buff, a few hours of specifics on Lewis and Clark from that period, clothing, transport, food - details that will give the story historically accurate details.
Marriage- Check.
Parenting- Some good play time.
Business- Working tonight on a list of additional questions for the researcher to help with for another 10 hours. This will be the second ten hours of paid research to help with the business plan.
Book- A wee bit more on character development.
Garden- Watered a few more plants.
Spirit-Feeling a bit down at the mouth as my grandpa used to say. This is likely due to a combination of being in a steep learning curve for my company, Greg having to work crazy hours lately, lack of sunshine, cold, and today snow. I planned to read Moments in Between by David Kundtz before bed.I just thumbed through and found the perfect quote on page 22.
Sometimes I go about in pity for myself, and all the while a great wind is bearing me across the sky. Ojibwa saying.
FI- Another fairly big spending day - getting in some bad habits lately with eating out, hitting various thrift stores when I don't really need anything, a parking fine for overstaying the parking meter, etc. On the plus side, I am continuing to record every penny and still thinking through a new budget for the new year.
Health/beauty-Tag on to today's price tag, foiled highlights;-).
House-A tiny bit more on the photo pile.
Bus. Vocab - Total return swap, grant, slogan, subliminal perception.

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