Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 300 - Big Milestone - 1/6th of the way through!!! How's it going everyone?

Happy day 300!! We are a bit over 65 days into the journey as I took some days off and you may have as well. It is nothing short of amazing how much has happened in those 65 days. So let me give you an update, starting with the company.

The universe smiled today, day 300, I think as the delivery of the possible action figures for the Lewis and Clark series arrived at the front door. They are great and I'm looking forward to meeting the designer and talking more. The figures are sitting on my family room fireplace in the photo above, only the horse was borrowed from other toys.

Greg and I finished our overall action plan with dated milestones also this evening and will be emailing it to all my mentors for the January 4 meeting to get additional input and suggestions on how to proceed.

As to the book, you will see from the other photo that I'm becoming a walking encyclopedia of Lewis and Clark. I'm outlining the story and leaving open the option of hiring an established children's writer if I can't make it great, but I'm giving myself a bit of time to see if I can.

As to marriage, I know that I've been blessed to be married to the best guy I could ever imagine and that I truly owe him so much for the happiness I feel in life. Greg - you are the best. I love you so much!!!!

As to parenting - I continue to learn and grow. I'm reading a book on behavior issues (my two year old is "a pistol" at times as the saying goes) and also working constantly to be in the moment and find the humor in situations as much as I can. I know I have wonderful kids.

As to FI, we are closing in on another big milestone, for which I'm grateful. We don't know yet how much we would be putting into the company so it's nice to know there is a cushion there to help it get off the ground. We've been working to be more frugal of late and even Greg is becoming more conscious of day to day expenses.

Spirit - I find myself more peaceful than I was at the start of this journey. That might be a sense of calmness that comes with clearly defined goals and a lack of dithering. It may be positive thinking books, subconscious tapes, or just little reminders all over the house in the form of posters, magnets, plaques and embroidered pieces to enjoy the journey, count my blessings, and stay the course. Walking through my house these days is a bit like walking into a Dale Carnegie book....lots of positive thoughts at every turn;-).

Garden - Hard too see lots of progress in December in Wisconsin, but I'm sure come spring, my gardens will have lots of wow power.;-)

Health/beauty - Have stepped up my exercise and signed up with my friend who is starting a business as a personal trainer. We did one session, then had to take off 2 weeks for Christmas break, but will begin again the week of January 4, so that's exciting. I've also been reading a lot about keeping a food journal. I think this would help not just with calorie awareness, but also nutrition.

House - Maybe the weakest link at the moment;-). Could use a major declutter session, but all in good time.

Business Vocabulary - This I find a bit of a pain, but I'm committed to seeing it through for the year. I would say I'm a bit more knowledgeable in general as each new term I study broadens my mind a bit.

Sending you all lots of good thoughts! I would love to hear any bits of progress you'd be willing to share. We are one sixth the way through!!

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