Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A wee bit of frugality on a pricey vacation. And the results of a garden fanatic with unlimited resources;-)

As you might imagine, a trip to Hawaii is not a particularly frugal endeavor;-). We wouldn't have come at this stage in life is it hadn't been for my friend's wedding, but we're thrilled to be here. We booked on Orbitz and got a package deal for the hotel, airfare and rental car. Our friends belong to Costco, so the booked the trip through there.

The same friends like to drink wine with dinner (Sadly I prefer diet coke which is much less elegant). They went to the Costco here on the island when they arrived to get groceries and wine and then have been bringing their own chilled wine to dinner here at the restaurant (after the restaurant okayed it).

I got one large iced tea at the airport, then we also stopped for groceries and I got a box of Lipton cold brew so I have my morning iced tea and then sometimes a second when we go out and just bring it with me. We're lucky to have a fridge here and so we have ice.

We had the option of forgoing housekeeping for a $10 a day food card for their green movement and we've been taking that option. I also got our Hawaii book from the library before we came so we wouldn't have to buy a new one.

There are grills here at the resort so last night all six couples brought dishes to pass from the local stores and we had a picnic of sorts which was really lovely.
Though it looked intriguing, we passed on the most expensive entertainment like a helicopter ride in favor of less expensive tours. We will do one big tour on Friday called a zipline that takes you through some rain forests on a sort of cable. That will be wonderful.

I brought a lot of magazines for the trip from our free magazine bin at the library and since I had my computer, used the times waiting for layovers to update accounts with receipts. When you keep a closer daily tally, I find I'm more conscious of expenses.

Yesterday I visited the results of a woman with unlimited resources, a fabulous, fantastic tour of a place called Na Aina Kai botanical gardens. They were built by the ex-wife of the late Peanuts creator Charles Schultz and encompass 240 acres of tropical gardens, ocean beaches, an English maze, sculptures, etc. This place is unbelievable and I think I've met my match for garden fanaticism;-). She is still dreaming up new gardens and the place is amazing!!! It has now been turned into a public garden and she moved across the street, but for over 20 years, it was just her own passion and joy - how fun! And how kind that she now shares it with the world.

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